A dream made true.

Like any petrolhead, my love for cars comes from my childhood. Endlessly naming and the cars that I saw on the road, playing with hotwheels, drawing cars on school books or playing racing games, I just couldn’t wait to be 18 and get a car license.

As soon as I got my license, I bought a Renault Clio 1.6 from 1998. Soon I found out that this wasn’t really just a car. It was my way to run from the daily stress and problems, but also a way to make new friends through the car scene.

I had so many adventures with this car that I regret selling it. Today I own a Renault Megane from 2014, along with a Renault Super 5 GT Turbo and a Renault Clio Williams. You can tell I am a french car afficionate!

The beggining.

NINEONE. has been on my mind for over 10 years, altough with different approaches and ideas.

Going back to 2006, it was the prime era of virtual tuning in Portugal, being tuning.online.pt the most famous webpage on that time (like Digimods in the UK).

This was my first experience in digital photo manipulation and design. It consisted in changing a car aspect using photo montage. A year later, using the experience aquired on Photoshop, I dedicated myself  to design rallye car decorations, chaning the signature name to SS Design. As most of the petrolheads, I love racing games. So I spent hours designing new skins for the cars in-game, tuning them and then race it on time attacks. (Who hasn’t done this and then gone to Nurburgring’s BTG to set the fastest time on the clock?)

In 2015, I started considering to take this hobby a bit more seriously, so I restarted from the zero. And this is how NINEONE done it’s first steps to the paper.

The initial idea was about making it a small online performance parts store (in that time, the project “codename” was CJ Motorworks, later Nineone Motorworks) which never got into reality, due to me having not much free time, putting the project on hold.

In the middle of 2018, this small idea rose from the ashes. While being on a month break from switching jobs, I’ve done some research about how I could set my online store, but instead of selling car parts, creating my own products and selling them.

The name NINEONE left the Motorworks designation and assumed itself. A simple, yet catchy name which in fact refers to the designer’s year of birth and his passion for 90’s hot hatchbacks.

We love cars. Our clothes are made with heart and soul, aimed at petrolheads like ourselves.

Thoughtful designs, bold details.

The first product was a smartphone case, ressembling to the Renault 5 GT Turbo Phase 2 seat pattern, which was a success within it’s target audience, having more than 150 orders.

The awesome feedback by the buyers led me to develop my first t-shirt, the GT Turbo logo, stylized by my own point of view. This was also received with a moderate success and positive feedback.

So, I switched my “ignition” button on and “started the engine”, developing more products to everybody that enjoys cars as much as I do!

2019 was a positive year despite the few released products due to the few time available. The GT TURBO SYNTHWAVE, PTS and RAGNOTTI clothing lines were launched to the public.

The begining of 2020 was awesome. Star Garage shop in Canarias approached me to be our distributor in the Canary Islands. This made me super happy, as I thought it would take some time before I got contacted by a physical store.

A collaboration made with Automobile Heritage was the first approach to a car design and the JDM vehicles, with the MIATA line being presented in February.

The next collab being presented was the hothatch community called Pocket Rocket, with the Clio 200 being the selected motor.

And so, I hope I can bring you more cool designs that match your style and compliment your car as an extension. Who knows what the future holds for nineone?

Thank you for supporting my work.

Our Partners.

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