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Hi guys, I'm "The Honda Kid" from SwiftDownshift. No, that's not my real name, it's just an alias and you'll understand why in a bit.

First things first, today I'd like to share a story with you, from a kid that lived in a time where Discmans took over the Walkmans, analog TV was still kicking it, and we all thought the world was about to end, - once again - the late 90's.

There comes a time in every car guys' life where important choices have to be made.

"Turbo or N/A?" ; "FWD or RWD" ; or even "what's my dream car?" ; are all questions we've asked ourselves at some point in our life.

Before these questions take place, there is something that calls out to you, and slowly awakens inside you without you event noticing it.

It's a time when you don't understand much about cars.

When I think about it, getting excited about things you don't fully understand like handling a manual gearbox, or trying to figure out what a RPM gauge means, it's a funny feeling.

In that last one, this kid who was in his 11th rotation around the Sun, specifically remembers the vivid fascination he had with cars that could pull high RPM's, it make his eyes sparkle with joy and curiosity.

But, after a few weeks of searching gauge clusters from parked cars in the street, he noticed a pattern. There was a brand of cars that had a higher rev limiter than all the other ones, and he connected with them quite early because of that.

The brand's name was HONDA.

His heart started racing everytime he saw a Honda in the street. He would run towards them, and quickly look at the gauge cluster. "Wow, this one says 8K RPM!"... "And this one says 9K RPM!"

The kid was ecstatic because of what he found, so he made it his new mission to find a car that would go beyond 9K RPM.

He searched amongst many brands, and many different types of car, but he never actually found what he was looking for.

Months passed, and one day the kid was walking across school, and he saw a unusual shape shining in the distance, in the school's parking lot.

He walked towards that strange form to get a better look, and as he got closer he was in awe.

It was a Honda S2000, an AP1 in Sebring SILVER. The kid looked at the chassis proportions, the cluster, the wheels, the headlights! Everything was different from anything he had ever seen before.

Something clicked and that was the moment that kid transcended from being a regular kid who likes cars, to be a car enthusiast.

That is still one of my favorite memories around cars to this day, and I still aim to get myself a silver S2000 one day.

For the very first time, I acknowledged the awesomeness of a roadster, and the respect I got towards Honda. A new brand for me at the time which made high reving cars. Mind you, that particular car had no more than 4-5 years at that point.

Literally, a silver unicorn!

It's funny how life works. Looking back at it, I never did imagine it would turn out to be a car I chased in the future, otherwise I would have stayed there looking at it for a while longer.

I currently have a Civic project going on, which I will be working on continuously, but I also have my eye on my dream.

After all, that kid never stopped existing in me.

You can find more about the build here.


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